July 29, 2008

Nick Clegg's summer message

The words are great:

"there are no safe Labour seats ...
"You will have heard lots about the Conservatives but there are huge parts of the country where they haven't got a hope ...
"There are places where only the Liberal Democrats can defeat Labour ...
"The latest in American campaign techniques" Obviously meaning the way that Obama and the democrats used the internet. This is a form of campaigning that they could really excel at.

The strategy that he is outlining is also great. It could well give him a real chance to be leader of the opposition by 2010.

However there where a few obvious problems. Such as the editing, the other was not using a tripod. Doesn't have to be big, or flashy, a £15 one from Jessops will do, even a £5 from eBay, but if you want to make a good video shaky-cam really doesn't cut it.


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